Class of 2010 Graduation Song – From Josh Shipp

For all of you graduating this year, check out this inspiring and fun rap song dedicated to the Class of 2010. The song was produced by Josh Shipp, a hilarious youth motivational speaker (called “the next Dear Abby” by MTV) who really connects with young people what’s going on with the world today.

joshshippAlso check out his online show “Hey Josh” where he always gives down-to-earth, honest and funny advice for teens about life’s issues, and shares how he overcome hard situations when he was a teen. For his advice column and videos visit his site at

Some of the Lyrics from Class of 2010 Graduation RAP Song:

Proceed to keep it moving got to shake off the stress
I heard it takes ten years to be a overnight success
Five years of grinding five more of perfect timing
But zero years feeling guilty or even whining
About past circumstances
You gotta take some chances
Life is full of opportunities make advances…


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