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Cards for Hospitalized Kids is an awesome organization that gives hope, joy & love to hospitalized kids across America through cards. You can get involved by making cards to send, hosting or attending a card-making event or referring a child to receive a card. I was inspired by how many kids have been reached already by this awesome organization! Visit to find out how you can join in on this cause.

Cards for Hospitalized Kids was founded by 17-year-old Jen Rubino who shares her story about her own hospital stay and inspiration to start the organization on the website:

Jen Rubino, Founder of Cards for Hospitalized Kids, Shares Her Story

Above: Cards for Hospitalized Kids founder Jen Rubino was interviewed by B96’s Rebecca Ortiz on December 8, 2011.

My motivation for creating Cards for Hospitalized Kids goes back to my own experience as a patient, which began when I was diagnosed with a chronic illness at age 11. Since my health problems began six years ago, I’ve undergone 15 surgeries and have had countless treatments and hospital visits.

My experience as a patient has shown me how difficult it is to be a hospitalized kid. Kids who are hospitalized often feel isolated and forgotten about. They also miss out on many of the little things in life that most children take for granted.

My experience as a patient has also shown me that cards can bring hope and joy into the lives of hospitalized kids, which is why I founded Cards for Hospitalized Kids.

As the founder of Cards for Hospitalized Kids, I am able to use my own experience as a patient in a way that allows me to help children across America who are facing what I’ve faced.

Lifting others up through Cards for Hospitalized Kids has allowed me to lift myself up as well and, chronic illness or not, I know it will be the same for everyone who gets involved with Cards for Hospitalized Kids.


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