A Melody of Dreams: Amazing Disney Movie Medley by Elizabeth South

Talk about creativity and bringing dreams to life! I’m a big Disney lover and really love this medley of songs by Elizabeth South, a music artist and teacher whom we’ve featured here for her song “SuperStar”.

Elizabeth won 1st place in the Ryan Seacrest Best Cover of “Let It Go” contest and now releases a video that “Embodies 12 Disney Princesses in a Beautiful 14-Song Medley” that premiered exclusively on RyanSeacrest.com. This medley is on her new album called “The Disney Album” now available on iTunes here.

What’s even more impressive is that Elizabeth South recorded all the vocals, arranged the entire medley, filmed and edited the video, and created her own hair, costumes, and make-up. Elizabeth dedicates this video to her Durham Academy students – how awesome it’d be to have a Disney-singing teacher who is as creative as she is?

Songs in the Disney Medley
1. For the First Time in Forever
2. Do You Want to Build a Snowman
3. Part of Your World
4. A Whole New World
5. Something There
6. Colors of the Wind
7. Just Around the Riverbend
8. Reflection
9. Happy Working Song
10. I See the Light
11. Touch the Sky
12. Someday My Prince Will Come
13. A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes&
14. Let It Go
The last song is the End of “For the First Time in Forever”


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