Julene “Dreamfleur” Fleurmond

Julene, editor of Dreamer ENT, is a young dreamer, entrepreneur, artist, writer and speaker who loves to create to inspire others. She founded her own creative media company, Envibrance Studios as a teen, and runs an inspirational apparel & product line. Visit her website online at www.julenefleurmond.com

Inspiring ENT Music Pick: I’m With You from HeeSun Lee ft. Sam Ock

HeeSun Lee’s song I’m With you will move you deeply like it did me if you’ve ever struggled with anxiety and fear. In her third album release, HeeSun Lee makes her epic comeback to music with a bombastic wall of sound. “Beauty For Ashes” starts out on full force of precise rap skills, hard-hitting beats […]

We’re All In This Together: Love Always Wins

One love, one heart…We are one in Love✊ – no matter what the media or society says we were all created by God in His image and He has the last say. With all that’s going on in the world today sometimes we might ask…ummm where’s the love? It’s okay to cry, to address our […]

Inspiration: Let Your Heart Be Full of Joy

I love the wonder and joy of the Christmas season – especially how kids remind us of how fun it is to anticipate great things and enjoy life in a carefree way. Whatever you may be going through right now I pray your heart is filled and overflows with that kind of childlike joy, light, […]

Young Artist Akiane Kramarik Still Creating With a Greater Vision

I remember watching Akiane Kramarik on The Oprah Winfrey Show as a little girl – she was one of the motivations for me to pursue my passion in art. She painted amazing, realistic portraits and images inspired by God – my favorite is her popular painting of Jesus that was used in the movie “Heaven […]

Still Into You: Ashley Tisdale and Her Husband’s Adorable Duet

You’ll get all the feels watching Ashley Tisdale and her husband Chris French sing a cover of the song “Still Into You.” Warning: this video is extremely sweet and inspiring, you can definitely feel the love! Finally, some music! Here I am with my husband and BFF Mr. Chris French performing a music cover of […]