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Inspiration From PS22 Chorus

I love how the kids from PS22 Chorus share joy through music. Here are some of my faves from them plus the Once in a Lullaby: The PS22 Chorus Documentary that shows how they got started:

PS22 Chorus “HALLELUJAH” Leonard Cohen

“GOLD” Britt Nicole ft. PS22 Chorus

Once in a Lullaby: The PS22 Chorus Documentary

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Soaring High: Khadijah Williams Overcomes Homelessness and Graduates from Harvard

Photos from Khadijah Williams’s Facebook page

We’ve been following Khadijah Williams, who as a teen overcame homelessness and difficult circumstances to live her dream of attending Harvard University, ever since her story was on the news and later when she appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Khadijah graduated from Harvard this year and we congratulate her on an amazing accomplishment and for her perseverance. Oprah Winfrey spoke at the Harvard 2013 graduation ceremony and spoke about Khadijah (you can hear what she says below at the 27:15 mark). Congratulations Khadijah, thanks for being an inspiration!

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Class of 2012 Graduation Song from Josh Shipp

He did it again – Josh Shipp the speaker and TV host who wrote the book The Teen’s Guide to World Domination released another song for the grads. The rap is pretty catchy, take a listen below and download it at

Congrats to the Class of 2012! Are you a grad this year? Tell us what you think of the song in the comments.

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Teen Making His Mark in Medicine

Check out the video below from the Today Show featuring Tony Hansberry, a 15-year-old scientist and aspiring neurosurgeon who discovered a new surgical technique that had his mentors amazed.

tonyhansberryTony shows us that you don’t have to wait until you’re older to explore that career path you’ve been dreaming of – imagine contributing to the medical community at 15. Great work Tony, you’re an inspiration! Click here to read a full article about Tony and his discovery.

“If you have a passion for it – it’s probably for you.”

“It doesn’t matter what other people have to say – just stick to it.”

— Tony Hansberry II

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Interview: Alyson Stoner and Her Mom On Healthy Habits for Back to School


Today’s tweens and teens lead busy lives, especially with school starting back up again. Sometimes in the bustle between classes, homework and after school activities they may not take the time to practice healthy habits.

17-year-old Alyson Stoner knows how challenging it can be to stick to a healthy routine, especially with a packed schedule. She began performing in dance at the age of three and at the age of six, she took modeling classes that eventually lead to her dancing and acting career.

alysoncamprockNow, Alyson can be seen in two new movies, “Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam” which premieres September 3rd at 8pm/7c on the Disney Channel, and “Step Up 3D.” She is currently on the road with her mother touring with The Jonas Brothers and the cast of “Camp Rock 2,” promoting the movie. Alyson has also been working on her music, including the inspiring song “Make History.” Her life has been anything but simple; but, with the help of her mother, they are able to keep up great health habits even on the road.

Fresh off the Camp Rock 2 premiere and in the midst of touring, Alyson and her mother LuAnne are spreading the word together of how young people can make healthy and smart choices. In this interview with Dreamer ENT’s media partner The Valder Beebe Show, Alyson and her mom discuss how to build strong healthy foundations when leading busy and active lives, from things like fitness, good hygiene, nutrition and proper oral health.

Listen to the full conversation below:

Introduction Music: Flying Forward by Alyson Stoner. Photo Sources: Crest Pro-Health &


Did You Know?

A few years ago Alyson launched The Alyson Stoner Project, which she called an “Original Dance Instructional Musical Fitness revolution!” Click here to learn more about the project.

Alyson Stoner is a multi-talented young actress, singer and dancer. She is well known as “Sarah” from the Cheaper By The Dozen franchise and was a main character, “Caitlyn,” in the Disney Channel hit original movie Camp Rock with the Jonas Brothers. In addition to being a diverse actress, she is also trained in many different styles of dance including ballet, tap and jazz. Her breakout performance was in Missy Elliott’s music video Work It followed by two more music videos and many live performances with her.
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