Inspiring ENT Music Pick: “Speak With Love” by Savannah Outen (An Original Song to Prevent Bullying)

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Savannah Outen wrote this inspiring song ‘Speak With Love’ last October for National Bullying Prevention Awareness month, to spread the message of love and ending bullying. I love how the lyrics tell a story that I’m sure so many can relate to:

“Speak With Love” Lyrics
Verse 1
He was such a nice boy
Always kept to himself
Never really had a choice
Felt like he lived on a shelf
The more that they picked on him
The more he knew it wasn’t a joke

Don’t know why
People treat others so, so cruel
Don’t know why
Anyone would want to live a fool…ish life

Verse 2:
She was such a sweet little girl
Always got made fun of
Never thought she had a place in this world
You see, everyone needs to realize that we’re all beautiful no matter what


And I
Don’t know why
Anyone could say something so cruel
Be a hero starting today
The world could be such a happier place
Promise that you’ll always speak with love


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