The Power of Perseverance: Interview with David Archuleta On His Book and Music


You might know David Archuleta mostly for his soulful, relatable music, but did you know he also wrote an inspirational book that was on the New York Times Bestsellers List? The American Idol runner-up penned Chords of Strength: A Memoir of Soul, Song and the Power of Perseverance where he shares the unexpected journey from the competition to his successful singing career, and how he overcame obstacles like vocal cord paralysis to achieve his dream of being a singer. Dreamer ENT’s media partner The Valder Beebe Show spoke to David about the success of the book and of his recent music; read and listen to what he had to say below:

David On Writing His Book

David On Writing His Book Chords of Strength
“It was something that I never thought I’d ever do because I just didn’t think I was capable of doing it… But I guess that’s kind of the theme of my life and it’s actually kind of the things I talk about in the book, just about going for things that you don’t think you’re able to do, you don’t think you’re good enough or ready for yet, but it’s about taking the chance when you’re given that opportunity and it’s amazing what could be the outcome of it.

“It’s been a really wonderful experience hearing the positive feedback from people on it and seeing how it’s been helpful to people who have read it. That was really the goal of it just being able to help by sharing experiences that I have had and hoping that it will be helpful to people when they read it – I’m really happy with the way it’s quoteendturned out.”

More About Chords of Strength

“In this personal memoir, David Archuleta reveals insecurities he felt about his voice-before he realized that he loved the way singing made him feel more than he disliked the way he sounded. He opens up about the strength he draws from his unshakable faith and unyielding family. He pays tribute to those who continue to inspire him davidalbumand through their example help him believe in himself, his talent, and his abilities.

“Intimate and uplifting, Chords of Strength allows a unique glimpse of the man behind the music and offers hope to anyone with a passion and a dream.” – Publisher’s Description

We love David’s song “Something About Love,” from his latest album The Other Side of Down. David says the song is more uptempo then what he’s been known to do, and that he was excited to get more involved with the writing process of on the album.

David On Making His Recent Album
The Other Side of Down

“I just wanted to show more of me and show more of the things that I believed in… allow people to relate to me more, kind of see my personality more in the songs.”

Watch the video for “Something About Love,” below:

David’s Blog

From David’s Website: “Check out this recent video blog from David, all about family, appreciating what you have…and a little bit about exercise. So make sure to give your family some love, and get out there and exercise a bit!”

Recently David journeyed to India to serve with the Rising Star Outreach. He says in the video below it was, “Very humbling to go there and even though it was a short trip it was a life changing experience. Just makes you appreciate things more and gives you a different perspective of things.” Watch him talk about it below:


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