Montel Williams’ Daughter Creating a Revolution for Healthy Eating

wyntergracequote“Does your school cafeteria serve too much greasy, unhealthy food?”

That’s the question 14-year-old Wyntergrace Williams, daughter of television show host Montel Williams, is asking as she speaks out in favor of vegetarian school lunch options. Supported by the organization PCRM, she’s spreading the word about vegetarian diets, and launched a petition to Congress to ask for changes in school lunch menus. She recently spoke about her passion for more veggie options in a recent television ad (which you can watch below), and she also wrote a letter to the Obama girls, Malia and Sasha, for their support.

More About Wyntergrace and the Campaign:

Wyntergrace Williams, daughter of television show host Montel Williams, has joined PCRM to help spread the word about the importance of vegetarian options in school lunches.

Wyntergrace is 14 years old, and three years ago, she changed to a vegetarian diet out of compassion for animals and for health concerns. She persuaded her mother to join her, and now she wants to make sure kids across the country have access to healthful vegetarian foods.

Wyntergrace attends a middle school in Greenwich, Conn. She loves her school but noticed it needed more vegetarian options in the lunch line. Realizing that many other students were also looking for healthier cafeteria meals, she started a petition to get healthful foods in her school.

The petition said, “Whether we choose them out of compassion for animals, or because of concerns about health or the environment, we all benefit from having plant-based meals available. We want to work with our cafeteria to make these new healthful offerings a success.”

The school was not hard to convince. PCRM is now working with the food service managers to test and implement new vegan meal options.

Eager to help all students find healthier foods at school, Wyntergrace was the first to sign PCRM’s national petition to Congress—and she asks that all students and concerned adults across the country sign the petition to gain support for more vegetarian options in school lunches.

Does your school cafeteria serve too much greasy, unhealthy food? Bad food is unfair to you and can risk your health over the long run. But now is the time for you to ask Congress for the healthy school lunches that you deserve.

Tell Congress that students deserve healthy foods—more vegetables, fruits, vegetarian foods, and healthful nondairy beverages.

Learn more about Wyntergrace’s petition drive to persuade Congress for more vegetarian options in school meals by visiting

Watch Wyntergrace’s School Lunch Revolution Ad Below


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