Lip-Dub Fun For a Cause: Martin High School’s One-Take Music Video


What better way to bring together an entire school then a little bit of fun and lip-synching? Watch this cool music video featuring almost 4,000 students and staff at Martin High School in Arlington, Texas. The idea for creating the video was sparked when the students told administrators that there was “no sense of community or family” at the school, and this could cause serious problems like bullying and isolation.

Shot in one take, the special “Lip Dub” video includes every student, teacher and staff member in the school, with select students taking turns lip-synching songs, and everyone else having fun and creating excitement in the background. The video is pretty awesome and creative, especially the cause of building community! (We’re just wondering who is going to clean up afterwards?;)

Here’s a little bit more about the story from WFAA, the local Dallas news station:

“As humans, we’re social beings,” said Martin senior Chris Leyda. “Things go wrong when we’re not in contact with others.”

Chris said he’s seen how easy it can be to become disconnected and isolated. Experts say that can lead to bullying, or just plain indifference.

“There was a kid that has autism, and he felt like he was picked on, and he literally told me that I was the only friend he’d talked to in a year or so,” Chris said.

You might see that kid in this video, or someone like him. The video shoot was enormous fun, with enormous benefits.

“When you can get every student involved, then it creates a sense of family and belonging,” said Nel Fielding, the Arlington ISD director of counseling.

She added that after an experience like this, students will be more likely to protect each other, and less inclined to hurt each other.

In their 11-minute video, they all belong to each other.


Video and Image Sources: Vimeo and The Warrior Post (Martin High School’s student publication)


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