May Your Dreams Be Merry and Bright This Christmas Season From Julene and Olaf

Christmas reminds me that anything is possible and that Love is the greatest and most powerful gift of all…

My friend Olaf and I want to remind you to live boldly – be uniquely who you’re created to be and shine the dreams in your heart into the world purposefully – YOU are made to be extraordinary and your purpose matters more than you can imagine!

Olaf and I wish you a Merry Christmas – may your dreams be sweet, merry and bright tonight and onward into the New Year! Dare Dreamer and know that your dreams are unique and beautiful, your purpose is extraordinary and wonder-full, anything is possible and you are loved more than you know!

Love, Julene and Olaf ;)

– Julene Fleurmond, editor & host of


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Julene, editor of Dreamer ENT, is a young dreamer, entrepreneur, artist, writer and speaker who loves to create to inspire others. She founded her own creative media company, Envibrance Studios as a teen, and runs an inspirational apparel & product line. Visit her website online at

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