Links We Love: Florida Student Flying High

Florida Student Flying HighHere’s a cool link from one of our partners NFTE, telling the story of a South Florida teen and young entrepreneur who got the opportunity to fly high with Virgin America airlines, even getting to meet the founder:

Sir Richard Branson, [founder of Virgin America and its other related brands] recently visited South Florida to launch his signature airline’s new terminal at Fort Lauderdale International Airport. During his visit, he met with students from NFTE South Florida’s E-Club, to share his secrets for success… then took them on a personal tour of an airplane!

During that tour, Richard Branson discovered that one student Darnell had never been on a plane before. [Darnell is a NFTE alumnus who had created his own business plan for “LD Designs” developing websites.] On the spot, he offered Darnell a free round-trip ticket to their headquarters in San Francisco.

His week in San Francisco was documented on the website below, with videos, tweets and a blog. Check it out to see Darnell’s trip in action:

Also check out the video below showcasing his experience – it looked pretty fun:



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